The accelerator for early stage startups and entrepreneurs in the service industry.
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Adding energy to new business

Good service is not a state, it’s a drive to meet and exceed customer needs. To ignite new energy, ideas and passion into our industry where people care for people, we launched Sparx – a three-month accelerator program, powered by Sodexo. The purpose is to help early stage startups and entrepreneurs speed up their business and improve people’s quality of life. 

Reach your full potential

The X-factor in our name refers to those lighting sparks. That finishing touch and attentive care that make customers smile and service professionals stand out. In other words, the ones we’re looking for. Is your business still in the early days of prototyping or ready to scale? Do you have a great digital or analogue service offering that needs a push? Apply to the program and pitch your idea to us. If you are selected, we will share our expertise and help your business seize new opportunities.

The Program benefits

SPARX is an accelerator program powered by Sodexo, the world leader in quality of life services with 460 000 employees reaching more than 100 million users.

By sharing our focus and expertise, we will give you support during a three-month period. In addition to the standard accelerator training and coaching, facilities for workshops and testing & work spaces, we will for example give you access to:


Senior industry expert mentoring
in commercialization


A worldwide test environment and
access to big & thick data


A truly global network and a future
marketplace for your innovation

Who are we looking for?

  • You see great opportunities to accelerate your business with Sodexo and our customers
  • You wish to access a global and unique network within the services industry
  • Your ambition is to improve quality of life
  • You pay nothing! No money – no equity

The Program is open for business!

We are always looking for innovative startups!
Step 1
Get in touch and apply to the Sparx Open Program
Step 2
Evaluation process and selection
Step 3
The Open Program starts!

The program is held in the most innovative cities in the Nordics.

We're in business
Speed up your business and improve people's Quality of Life


Peer-to-peer marketplace for food

Increasing worklife well-being and performance

Creating jobs for young entrepreneurs

The virtual extension of your workplace

Digital deposit system for circular packaging

Increase internal collaboration and job opportunities

Experts on feedback about food

The smart office solution for the modern office

The new generation of event management

Making waste management efficient

A digital service platform for ordering and payment

Understanding businesses and behaviors through technology

Integrations made easy and decentralized

Matchmaking of surplus food items

Creating experiences in spaces with light and sound

Improve the health in your organization with iOpinion. iOpinions scientific survey highlights your organization’s improvement possibilities.

We analyze your health and help you feel better.

Klimato calculates, communicates and compensates CO2e-emissions to help restaurants brand as climate aware with an easily understood labelling.

Make sustainable food choices with Klimato.

UrbanOasis is building the foundations of a new decentralized urban food infrastructure, which will enable cities to radically reduce their carbon footprint, whilst providing affordable greens packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and natural flavours all year round.

Our friends

Together with our friends we make great things happen.
Sparx collaborates with leading universities and great businesses to accelerate new ideas and startups.

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    Or just want to get in touch with us before sharing your idea? Let us know.
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    We (Sodexo) do not take equity in your startup. Participating in the accelerator program may lead to, but does not guarantee you, funding by Sodexo. At the very least we can make the world a slightly better place together. All applications are handled with discretion.